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All Go

Plans and Schemes (Yes, more!)Collapse )

Am also actively in the process of finding a fiddle teacher so that's something at least. At least I'm still practicing. Am also working through the Folkworks tune books I got at Whitby. scary how many of them I recognise. Completely unsurprised at the fact that I still can't remember the names of any of them.

IVFDF Plan (To be abandoned as soon as I get my wristband!)Collapse )

Got told at work that I seemed in a particularly sunny mood today. That'll be what listening to Belshazzar's Feast all morning will do to you. Definitely still enjoying the job, the fact that I can listen to my headphones while doing it is just a happy little bonus.

At some point I will tidy my room. Probably just in time to move out of it at the end of the year...

Coach Fatigue

Rapper and other less important things...Collapse )

Still, all worth it for rapper and DERT. Only 2 weeks left now! Little bit excited, just a little bit...

Have booked my coach tickets for IVFDF (I know, I know but this journey 's only a couple of hours so nowhere near as bad!) next weekend so looking forward to that and am contemplating going to Tom McConville's fiddle workshop in Lewes on March 12th. Have had a look at the music and it may be a bit of a stretch but I love his style and I can usually pick up something, even from difficult workshops, to have a go at (The one with Matt Cranitch being a case in point) besides which, I still haven't found a fiddle teacher and I'm desperate for some form of tuition. Yep, I think I'll give it a go. Now just have to find my chequebook. Just let me go and get my rope and climbing harness....

But still, DERY, DERT, DERT!!!

Cheltenham and other Festivals

Cheltenham Folk FestivalCollapse )

The Remant KingsCollapse )

Festival-wise this year, I'm definately going to IVFDF, Bristol, Shrewsbury, Holmfirth and Sidmouth. I was planning on the the Oxford Folk Festival and The Big Session but the Big Session is reduced to one day at the 'Beautiful Days Festival' which I can't make while they look for a new venue now that they'll not be using the DeMontfod Hall anymore and Oxford has just had to cancel due to economic difficulties. Fingers crossed that both of these manage to get off the ground again in 2012 because they're both great festivals and I shall really miss them this year. Anyhow, am currently considering Sheppley, Beverley and Ely. Sheppley's looking pretty good at the moment (list includes Bellowhead and Belshazzars Feast) and I really enjoyed Ely last year (may volunteer as a steward this year). Will have to see.

In the meantime, this weekend, I'll be heading back up to Edinburgh for a DERT pratice (and, hopefully, a pub tour) with Mons Meg. It'll be nice to dance some rapper again (rapper withdrawal is a bit severe currently since the Mables are busy trying to organise DERT so aren't really dancing at the moment) and it'll be lovely to see Mons Meg again too. I have missed them!

Also, at some point, I shall get round to sorting out my room since it is ridiculous to need a climbing harness in order to find clothes!

Becoming a Southerner

Well things have been a bit hectic recently what with one thing and another.

Move down south has been accomplished and I am now installed in new room although I still haven't had any time to actually sort out any of my stuff so it's still all sat in a big heap (currently known as Mount Stuff!) and I occasionally rifle through it in search of important items. Thus has lead to least one impressive case of subsidence and I reckon I'm going to have to take a couple of days off to get it sorted since I appear to have no free weekends ever again.

WitneyCollapse )

OxfordCollapse )

It's still a bit surreal being down here. It's quite different to living in the North but, for the life of me, I couldn't tell you why. On top of all this, have bought a new mobile phone which has all sorts of features such as access to Twitter which I'm actually finding a great deal of fun. (not least when listening to the folk awards, while drinking gin and twittering with friends. Very funny indeed.) Even better, it can do google maps so I don't have to panic about getting lost. Slightly worried about the amount of times the instructions mention that it might explode....Given my track record that does not bode well. Still, lets hope it makes it to the end of the year...

Don't Panic, Don't Panic!

Rapper workshop went very well. We had 5 and a half sets who all seemed to have fun and then we carted them all off to Bennets where we had a pretty good dance (and a very strange discussion about the shipping forecast and the possibilities of a monopoly type game based on it) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We seem to have gained 2 dancers and a fiddler (who, last night, turned out to be a pretty good dancer too) so things are looking hopeful on the Mons Meg front.

I've had the flat confirmed, which is a huge relief but have yet to start packing (mostly cause I'm in panic mode where I run around like a mad thing, picking stuff up and putting it back down and getting precisely nowhere.) Meanwhile, hating the post and whoever put the lock on the main door of the stair since I've been having to run back and forth to the depot (which isn't close!) on the say-so of cards that are themselves 10 days late to collect normal letters. So looking forward to having a main door address.

Celtic ConnectionsCollapse )

Mons MegCollapse )

Have notified all who need to be notified that I'm leaving; twice in the case of British Gas who, I forgot, did both my gas and electricity. Liked the poor lad on the end of the phone who clicked to it long before I did and pointed out that I may have just spoken to him...

Have booked for the fiddle workshop at Witney, the weekend next so am just waiting to hear back about that, then it's stewarding at the Cheltenham Folk Festival the weekend after that, back up to Edinburgh for a Mons Meg DERT practice the weekend after that, IFVDF, the weekend after that and then DERT and it's not looking like it'll ease up through the summer. Huzzah!

Rapper, Rapper and More Rapper

New Flat

Flat hunting sagaCollapse )

Then it's starting the new job on the 1st! Not nervous, not nervous at all...


New Year with Bellowhead

What an amazing New Year's Eve! Having got the train down to London, I met up with a friend and we spent a couple of hours browsing round the shops before heading off to find the Youth Hostel. This would be the point we got ourselves very lost by getting the bus in the wrong direction before we managed to get ourselves orientated. Finally made it to the Youth Hostel at the same time as the other friend we were sharing with who had still been on the train when we set off. Anyhow, we got changed into our gear (for me this would be, hat, ruff, ears and tail which I finally managed to get finished the night before. And trousers and top cause it would have been chilly and disturbing else) and set off to meet everyone else at a Dim Sun restaurant beside the Southbank Centre called Ping Pong. Food was very nice but I still have no idea of what it actually was I ate. Anyhow, I quickly gave myself a black doggy nose with eyeliner (hadn't wanted to before I ate in case it made everything taste of make-up!) and off we went to queue to get in. A couple of our group did a bit of morris dancing to a melodeon while we were waiting which seemed to amuse everyone a great deal.
NYE at the Southbank Collapse )

Great fun all round really.


Stuff and Nonsense (Again)

Unsurprisingly didn't really get anything done over the long weekend. This was partly due to my lack of sleep catching up with me and partly due to me getting my hands on Seasons 1 and 2 of Riptide (american 80's action adventure series. Same creators as the A-Team. Very silly but an old favourite). I did manage to de-mould the bathroom (and how impressed with the de-mould spray am I! Admittedly, I think you're only supposed to spray the mould patches rather than drown them like I did but it was amazing watching them just dissolve. Should probably worry about what it's doing to me since I'm fairly sure that's where a fair bit of it ended up given that I now smell distinctly of chlorine but I seem to have survived) so that's something.

Must make my ears and tail tonight for NYE. Nothing like leaving it till the last moment. Very excited about the whole thing. Well, somewhat less exicted about having to get the train at 05.00 in the morning but, still, it's the train rather than an overnight trip on Megabus which is a huge point in it's favour. However, Bellowhead for New Years Eve!!! Yup, just a little excited. Really looking forward to seeing everyone and going for tea beforehand too.

MusingsCollapse )

Have booked my tickets for IVFDF so that's out of the way. Will decide whether to offer to steward or not when more of the Workshop programme comes out. May also have booked to go and see Bellowhead at Warwick on the 29th April. My exuse is that I have not yet been to see a seated Bellowhead gig and I'm curious. The reality is that being within such easy reach of concerts is a huge novelty and may take some time to wear off...

Lots of stuff to look forward to in the New Year as well. A Mons Meg workshop and tour before I go (and, of course, DERT), lots of festivals, new dance sides to join. Smallpipes workshop to attend, new fiddle classes to find (may actually have to splash out on individual lessons if I can't find a group class. Could be a good thing) and hopefully get more done with the melodeon.

Kings and Things

We had 2 fire alarms yesterday! 2 of them! We were getting used to having a fire alarm every day but 2 is a bit much! (This happened last year, apparently a problem with the alarm reacting to the change in temperatue between outside and the canteen. Think they need a new alarm system!)

Anyhow, went to see Carols by Candlelight with the Mozart Festival Orchestra at the Usher Hall last night. Loved the music (especially the unaccompanied version of We Three Kings by the choir. Very atmospheric.), enjoyed singing the carols and enjoyed myself ogling the C18th costumes. (Still wish they'd teach their sopranos to move properly in their Robes a la Francais but she had a very good voice so they're forgiven.)
DeclutterisationCollapse )

Then I have to think of all the things I have to cancel. So far I have rent, electricity, gas, telephone, council tax, cinema card, broadband, comic subscription. Will need to change address (when I get a new one) for the bank and amazon (have forgotten to that before, caused no end of trouble!) So much to do! Thank the gods for winter bank holidays.




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